Coffee Mug Herb Garden Update and Giveaway


Remember that herb garden I planted in some extra coffee mugs in my kitchen window sill? Well those plants sprouted and are growing strong! I still can’t believe how easy it was to sprout my very own seeds all by myself and grow some herbs in a nice convenient location.

I started with these Miracle Grown Gro-ables seed pods, and just placed them in my coffee mugs with some soil and pebbles in the bottom of the cup for drainage. It was so simple. With just a little watering when I remembered, I was able to grow these herbs, from seed!


Here’s my dill. I can’t wait until this grows a little more, and then I’ll be adding fresh dill to refrigerator pickles, fresh fish dishes and chicken salad.


This is my cilantro. I think I’ll move these outside as they grow. I use cilantro so much in Mexican and Asian dishes.


And my favorite, basil! I can’t wait to add this to well, just about everything. My son is super excited to add it to pizza. He keeps calling it the pizza herb.


I’m going to let these herbs continue to grow, until they outgrow their mugs, and then transfer them outside to our backyard garden.


Want to win some of these fun seed pods for your own garden?

seeds Coffee Mug Herb Garden and a Giveaway by #recipe For a chance to win some Miracle Grow Gro-ables for your own garden,  just leave a comment below telling me your favorite herb! For extra entries:

Please leave a comment for each entry Coffee Mug Herb Garden and a Giveaway by #recipe Giveaway ends May 30.

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